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We nurture the feminine print in the world of technology and innovation.

SHEleader@digital is an annual international conference taking place in Sofia, Bulgaria that provides a platform for focused discussion on the women’s role in the digitally connected world in transformation we are living in. It aims to outline solutions for attracting more women and girls to take on professional and leadership roles in the ICT and digitally empowered economy. The Conference also examines how women’s authenticity and the application of female values contributes to the development of sustainable and balanced organizations with high potential and prosperous societies.


On the verge of a climate crisis, now more than ever the world requires inclusiveness and innovation. Women are to play a key role. Not only because 80% of the people displaced by climate change globally are women.

From circular fashion to solar energy and novel farming – women are at the forefront of sustainable innovation in the business and public sector. Years of research show that:

Women are also the ones who nurture communities, run sustainable households, and raise the next generation of environmentally conscious individuals.

Yet, female voices are often a minority at all levels of conversations regarding climate change – from COP26 (39%) to national and international decision-making bodies (under 30%), to boardrooms (29.5% in EU), the startup scene (30% and receiving only 1% of funding), to the tech sector (19%), and VC teams (20%).

SHEleader@Digital 2022 empowers women – the natural drivers of the green transformation, to talk about it.

Our mission

The 2022 edition of SHEleader@digital conference aims to bring more female voices to all levels of the discussion regarding climate change. It will serve as a platform for inspiration and exchange of visions and experiences. SHEleader@digital 2022 brings together green entrepreneurs, innovators, policymakers, corporate leaders, activists, artists, and everyone who believes today’s world is calling for more impact with femininity.

This new edition of SHEleader is a natural continuation of our efforts. In 2018 and 2020, we set the foundations to empower more women to dare to express themselves and lead in the tech and digital industry​. Now that environmental consciousness is an important aspect of everything we do, we decided that SHE can also empower sustainability.

Join us on October 6th 2022 at Toplocentrala!

We are happy to welcome you also on October 6th to participate in inspirational mindfulness workshops and in the Ideas fair where the floor is yours.

The Conference will be under the official patronage of the European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth – Mrs Mariya Gabriel.


Meet Some Of The Best Sustainability Speakers.

Mariya Gabriel

European Commissioner for digital economy and society

Sasha Bezuhanova

Chair of the Board Bulgarian Centre of Women in Technology

Lubomila Yordanova

CEO and Founder at PlanA.Earth GmbH

Anton Batchvarov

Head of Sales and Partnerships@

Sasha Bezuhanova

Chairman of the board of the Bulgarian Center of Women in Technology

Mariya Gabriel

European Commisioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth

Zornitsa Roussinova

Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Policy

Chiara Corazza

Managing Director Women's Forum for the Economy & Society

Impact with Femininity


Time Schedule

10:00 Opening

Sounds from tomorrow

Mariya Karakusheva - Contemporary classical composer & pianist
Ivan Shopov - Painter, musician, producer, composer, aesthete and an innovator

Q:What is the future of the women at work in the age of automation?

10:10 Welcome Keynote

Sasha Bezuhanova - Chair of Board Bulgarian Centre of Women in Technology

10:20 Welcome Address

Mariya Gabriel - European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth

10:30 Keynote

Chiara Corazza - Managing Director Women's Forum for the Economy & Society

10:40 Meditation

Swami Yoga Gagnana - Co-founder of Bulgarian Yoga Association

A1: Mind the gap - Engage more women in Deep Tech

10:45 The Digital panel

Lilia Messechkova - Senior Director, Software Engineering at Progress
Alexandrina Gindeva - Head of Global Delivery Hub at Experian
Alexander Popov - Site Lead at Uber Engineering Sofia

Moderator: Janet Todorova - Head of Expansion at Founder Institute

Sustainability as Core Values

Enabling and Growing Green Culture

Green Transformed Businesses

Corporate Practices for Greening

Green Born Businesses

Innovative Green Businesses

Return on Sustainability Investment

Impact of ESG Tracking and Reporting

Green Stamped Funding

Sustainability Factors for Funding

Inspired by Nature

Sustainability in Arts and Creative Economy

Closing Session

SHE Empowers Sustainability

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The Power Team

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Rusana Kumanova

Event Management Specialist

Sasha Bezuhanova

Chair of Board Bulgarian Centre of Women in Technology

Alexandra Kozbunarova

Patritsiya Kostadinova

Customer Success Analyst at Orbiit

Steffy Stojanow

Founder & CEO |

Silviya Stoyanova

Communications Consultant

Milena Doumanova

Elina Zheleva

Managing Partner and Director at launchlabs Sofia

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SHE Empowers Sustainability


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